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2017- A year of transition

As Frogwood grew from a small group of local woodturners to gathering of over 30 national and international artists, the organizers felt the constraints of quick growth at our original site. The need for larger accommodations to sustain the gathering into the future has been on the committee's agenda for some time, and in 2016 we began actively searching for a venue with more capacity.

Enter: Camp Colton. Our 2017 event was a smaller retreat, testing the facilities at Camp Colton to ensure the facility has sufficient capacity to comfortably host our event for years to come. What we discovered there was well beyond our expectations in terms of working space, accessibility, and living and dining quarters.

Camp Colton has undergone major renovations in the past year and we are confident in the move and bringing our full Frogwood Collaborative to the venue for 2018.

Stay tuned for updates on Camp Colton and the 2019 event plans.

Frogwood 2017... Testing and loving Camp Colton.

Frogwood 2017... Testing and loving Camp Colton.

Kristy Kun