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It's commitment time...

This year’s Frogwood Collaborative will be held August 13 – 18, 2018. The fee is $400 per attendee, payable by check or credit card.  See Frogwood 2018 for detailed information on the upcoming event.

We require each attendee to complete a registration form, which requests information about the participant, and identifies an emergency contact person.  This form should be completed online, with a deposit paid (see right) as early as possible to reserve a space.

Note:  Frogwood is an event primarily for actively practicing artists and instructors, as well as students in academic programs in the arts.  The topics under About and Frogwood 2018 explain Frogwood in more detail.  Frogwood is an invitational event and we encourage interested applicants to contact us if you would like to submit your information to be considered for an invite.  We want to assure that each participant will gain maximum benefit from the experience.

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use this form to submit for our wait list in case of cancellations.

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Please list any allergies, medical conditions, dietary restrictions, or other conditions you have that we might have to address on your behalf:
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Accommodations Preference
Camp Colton is equipped with camping and car camping sites for our participants. Renovation of cabins is underway and may be completed in time for our event. If cabin accommodations are available, a small fee for linens may be charged. Please rate your preferences below...
On-Site Tent Camping
On- Site Car/ RV Camping
On-Site Shared Cabin (additional linens fee may apply)
Off- Site Lodging (recommendations available upon request)
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Emergency Contact
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Emergency Contact Phone
Tell us a little bit about yourself and your art. It will help us to know what media you work in, what interests you have outside of those media, etc.
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Payment options

You may pay in full at time of registration, or you may pay a $100 deposit to register and hold a place.  The balance of $300 will be due and payable by July 2, 2018, to confirm your spot.  Please make checks payable to PNWG.

By check:  Complete the online registration form and select "mail a check" with the amount you will be paying with registration. You will receive a reply with the mailing address when your form is submitted. Please make your check payable to PNWG and mail your check for the $100 deposit, or the $400 payment-in-full amount, as indicated on your form.

You will receive an email receipt from us by way of Square, Inc. ( for the amount of the check and your name will go onto our list of registrants in the order received.

If you opt for the deposit only, you will be billed in mid-June, via Square, Inc., for the balance due.

By credit card:  To pay with a credit card, select "pay with credit card" on your registration form (left) to request an invoice for either the deposit amount, or payment in full.  As soon as we receive your registration form, we will send you an email invoice by way of Square, Inc. ( for the amount of your request.  The invoice will include instructions, a date due, and a link to make your payment.  You will receive an email receipt when your payment has been credited.  If you opt to pay just the deposit, you will receive a second invoice for the balance due.


Should you have to withdraw from Frogwood, our ability to make refunds will depend on whether or not we can fill your vacated position with another artist, the amount of unrecoverable expense we have already incurred, etc.

Upon registration you will receive complete details on this year’s event. We are looking forward to having you join us for a great event!

-Tom Willing and the 2018 Frogwood Committee