An Artists' Collaborative

frogwood artists' collaborative

Immerse yourself in creative experiences with other makers


Artists seek continuously to keep their work fresh and evolving, to expand their artistic horizons. Experienced in various media, we are always curious about disciplines we have not yet explored, constantly looking for fresh approaches to our work. We crave new skills and techniques. We yearn for the opportunity to step out of our studios and shops, to immerse ourselves in creative experiences with other makers. Such is the spirit that drives the artists of the Pacific Northwest Woodturning Guild who came together a decade ago to create Frogwood, An Artists’ Collaborative.


Drawing artists from across the world to the Pacific Northwest...

Frogwood is a five day event, held annually in Colton, Oregon. Now, independently established as a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit, Frogwood has attracted participants from New Zealand, Japan, and Ghana, as well as from all over Canada and the United Sates. Media in which these artists work include metals, glass, stone, wood, and textiles, to name a few, with techniques as varied as the materials used.

Focus and Facilities

Frogwood welcomes many mediums and forms of artistic expression. Every year we are adapting and expanding our facilities to broaden the scope of our work. From poetry and en plein air painting to welding and hot studio arts, we strive to accommodate each artist's vision.


What comes from this free-flowing collaboration is an astounding collection of significant art.